Advent Journey

 Behold! The night is dark; the wind is chill,
 but in that darkness starlight glimmers still
 from stars that do not wander from the way,
 but hold their ancient course through night and day.
 So we must follow, even in the dark,
 the morning star that rises in our heart.
 We once were sleepers, dreamers in the night,
 who step by step now strain our pilgrim sight
 for any signs that point us on the way
 or any bright forerunning of the day.
 There was a voice, a knocking at the door,
 that woke our souls to seek him evermore.
 And as the stars unhesitating move,
 so drawn, we follow this relentless love,
 for he who touched our hearts and entered in
 has promised we will see him once again.
 He came.  He comes.  He's here.  We seek him still.
 How long, oh Lord?  Your promises fulfill.
 Come, take another step: the night draws on,
 and surely we shall find the waiting dawn
 and see again the one who called us forth
 and our own end, as at his infant birth.
 No matter, if we see him, where or when.
 He came for us, and he will come again. 
 Biblical Magi By Piotr Stachiewicz] (1858-1938) – Die Kunst für alle: Malerei, Plastik, Graphik, Architektur — 24.1908-1909, Public Domain,

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