Song of the Paralytic

 Oh, Lord, I cannot come to you;
 I cannot even move,
 but if the things I hear are true,
 God's promise you will prove.
 You shall our stony hearts renew,
 our ancient sins remove.
 My brothers cannot bring me through,
 but bear me to the roof.

I cannot walk the way alone,
 or even lift my hands,
 nor for my sins can I atone
 or strive to make amends.
 They bear me over stock and stone,
 my faithful kin and friends;
 they break a way into your home
 where my salvation stands.
 Oh, my Messiah drawing near,
 their faith and hands are strong
 who laid me at your mercy here,
 and they have trusted long.
 The blind will see; the deaf will hear;
 the muted tongue will talk;
 our sinful souls will be washed clear;
 and I will rise and walk.
 You lift your eyes and see their faith
 and say I am forgiv'n,
 that here with you my soul is safe,
 my heart has found its heav'n.
 I draw my grateful, shaking breath,
 and one more gift you give:
 I rise and walk away from death,
 and in your grace I live. 
Jesus heals the paralytic at Capernaum (Galway City Museum, Ireland) Photo By Sheila1988 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, WWL

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