Night Prayer to the Holy Spirit

To the tune of “All Through the Night” (ARD HYR Y NOS):

Spirit, brooding o'er the waters,
draw softly near.
Be our comfort; courage foster;
drive out our fear.
Though the night is swift-descending,
your protection never-ending,
as the flames at Pentecost were,
rests on us here.

Through the night-watch hours of darkness,
hover beside:
sick'ning fears and famine-starkness,
still be our guide.
Lonesome work or sleep's forgetting,
keep us by your sweet abetting.
Walking paths unknown and markless,
Spirit, abide!

Courage for the dawn ascending,
give us at day.
Your compassion, mercy's tending,
show us the way.
Guide the steps we will be taking;
lead us through the day soon breaking.
Every breath on you depending,
give us, we pray.
Representation as both dove and flames, Ravensburg, Germany, 1867 By Fidelis Schabet – Self-photographed, Public Domain,