Lord, Be My Light

From Psalm 27, to be sung to TALLIS CANON.

Lord, be my light when darkness falls,
my rescue from encircling foes.
Give answer to my fearful calls,
when in the night my darkness grows.

Why should I dread? What need I fear?
For though I walk 'tween lions' claws,
you are the pathway, marked and clear,
the shield 'tween me and their dread jaws.

Therefore I walk most surely on.
You lead me to your dwelling, Lord,
to where my darkness ends in dawn
and I need bear no shield or sword.

Oh, let me stay forever there
within your house, within your sight,
and gazing on you, flee despair,
at rest within your endless light.

And there will I my praises sing.
My heart that bids me seek your face
sees you and lives, its gifts to bring,
in answer to your beck'ning grace.
By After Briton Rivi̬re, 1890 РManchester City Art Gallery [sic!], Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=50214