You Hide In Everything

You hide in everything,
delighting in your play—
you disappear in anything
each time I head your way.
The siskins' outstretched wings
reveal a golden ray
lain hidden as they perch and sing,
until they fly away.

You dance away from me
whenever I draw near.
I look and look but never see;
I hush but never hear.
The wrens may seem to flee—
they fly but do not fear,
and sing unseen in every tree
and ring upon my ear.

O God in every place
and with me, touch my eyes
to see the wonders of your grace
in their mundane disguise:
as fluttering through space,
or stillness split by cries,
a feather's brush against a face,
and every bird that flies.

By photochem_PA from State College, PA, USA – Bird in a tree, CC BY 2.0,