My soul proclaims you, Lord my God,
for everything you are.
Though nothing, I am in your thought
and ever in your arm.

For you leaped down from heaven's throne
to share the fallen's shame.
Now all the mighty are cast down
in honor of your name.

You emptied out your every vein
that death itself be killed,
and now the full are sent away,
the empty ones are filled.

The lowly rise; the hungry feast;
the mighty learn to cower,
and now the fearful ones are blessed,
for you have shown your power.

Your mercy, promised long ago
and never since forgot,
in this and every age you show,
so I rejoice, my God!
Adriaen van der WerffThe Visitation. Ink, washed, on paper. 29.4 × 20.6 cm. Braunschweig, Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum, Kupferstichkabinett. By Unknown author – : Home : Pic, Public Domain,

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