Corpus Christi

For the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ, based on the sequence Lauda, Sion, to the tune DUGUET (“O Saving Victim”):

More precious than the blood of rams
poured out upon the altar stone,
the self-gift of the spotless Lamb
who takes us each to be his own.

He takes the bread, eternal priest,
and breaks his body for us all,
completely gives himself to each,
unbroken savior of our fall.

He lifts the chalice, filled with wine,
and offers us his living blood.
As rain on branches of the vine,
his mercy falls on us in flood.

Then take him as he gives himself,
the undivided Christ for you,
not in the hope of help or health
but for his love forever true.

Come forward to the altar now,
beyond the veil, and see your God:
the son of God, to earth come down,
who will not leave his earthly flock.

Come, take your groom, belovèd bride,
and give him all yourself complete.
For Christ will never leave your side,
and welcomes you to heaven's feast.

Last Supper. Russian icon By Anonimous – index.html?did=32500, Public Domain,

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